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Hopper Labs
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The Hopper io is the 2nd generation flower vaporizer from Hopper Labs. It is the world's only instant-on pure convection device for dry herb. You will not find a faster or cleaner tasting device; simple to use and perfect for every occasion. 

The Titanium version of the Hopper io Features:

  • Hard anodized titanium for deep color and a smooth, clean surface
  • Industry-leading¬†instant-on¬†technology
  • Exceptional 70 watt heater
  • Enhanced cooling derived from high emissivity
  • 4 to 7 chambers of vaporization

No Heat-up Time

A 65 watt, pure convection heater allows for zero startup time. Click and go, nothing is easier.

Perfect Temperature Range

The smooth mechanical dial gives instant access to a wide temperature range: 130-230C or 220-430F.

Machined Stainless Steel

Built almost entirely from stainless steel, no other vaporizer uses a healthier, more durable or attractive material.

Pure Flavor

Combine the only USA-built pure convection heater with 95% metal construction and you get only the flavors of your flower.

Assembled in the USA

Our products are built in the USA by a small and dedicated team of engineers. With every detail refined to perfection, Hopper io sets the standard for robustness.

Replaceable Battery

A battery that can be swapped any time, anywhere is a must-have. With the ability to easily drop in as much power as you need, you'll never be waiting.

Magnetic Charging

Hopper io ships with a patented magnetic charging ring that slips over the power button. Powered by any USB port, you can charge up almost anywhere.