Affordable 3 ton hydrolic rosin press. Easily replaceable heaters. Made out of stainless steel


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The most affordable all inclusive 3 ton hydraulic press, no additional parts required! Pressing plates are 3" in diameter and made out of Stainless Steel. Unlike other presses on the market, the heaters for this press are easily replaceable there is no need to send your entire your unit back to us simply purchase new heaters!

Quick Heat Up
Circuit Protection
Made of Solid Steel
Manual Pump Arm
Dual Heating Elements
Fast Retract Plate Release
3" Circular Stainless Steel Plates
Ergonomic and User Friendly Handle
Heating Elements are Easily Replaceable
Plates Heated Individually with Accurate Temp Control
Very Compact Dimensions: 7"(L)x6.5"(W)x15.5"(H)
Designed and Developed in the USA